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Breathing Life and Presence into Digital Creatures.

Breathing Life and Presence into Digital Creatures.

Meet the teacher

Andrew Baker

Creature and Character Designer : WetaWorkshop Design Studio

Andrew is a creature and character designer at WetaWorkshop Design Studio and has worked there for the last 5 and a half years.  Having worked at Weta digital previously Andrew has worked as a Previs artist on the TinTin films and most recently as Lead creature designer for Weta on the Hobbit trilogies alongside Sir Richard Taylor and the Weta team.  Working across Film, Games and other entertainment media, as well as fine art, Andrew remains at Weta as a designer working on a number of other, still disclosed projects.                

Andrew’s work can also be found published in 3D artist magazine, 3D totals Digital Art Masters Vol.8, Secret of Zbrush masters by Daryl Wise, Paul Tobins White Cloud Worlds as well as the Hobbit: Chronicles, Art and Design books and is very excited to be featured in this year’s Spectrum 20.  

Over the past 25 yrs I have had the extraordinary pleasure of working with a large number of incredible artists working in multiple mediums from traditional pencil sketching and painting, through to sculpting in plasticine, clay and wax, and now in Photoshop and the exceptionally powerful conceptual tool that is z brush It has been great watching the way in which traditional skills and artistic knowledge has been integrated with these new mediums, with the overwhelming benefit of delivering conceptual images to a client that are comparable to final images in a film. The benefit of this is immeasurable as there is little need for interpretation as the illustration can now so closely match the intended visuals in the final product. Andrew Baker was an early adopter of ZBrush and he is focussed on mastering this tool in the continued pursuit of unique creative images, original characters and exceptional art. The speed and effectiveness of this medium through his well practiced eye and his ability to give apparent life to two dimensional images on a printed page is something special to see.

Sir Richard Taylor

Co-founder and Co-director of the Weta